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08:37am 05/11/2004





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09:16pm 18/05/2002
  I have a new journal. my username is eatmyshorts01. visit it, you fucks.  

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11:54am 18/05/2002
  i'm not going to be writing in here anymore. noone reads it or cares anyway. bye.  

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spiderman was a good movie.   
05:02pm 15/05/2002
mood: chipper
Yeah, I saw it twice too. I went Saturday with my mom and then I went Tuesday with Lizzy. I <3 Tobey Maguire. He is sexy. Oh and also I got a saves the day cd. Stay waht you are. It's good.

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Quiz Time *huzzah*   
01:39pm 12/05/2002

Find your emotion!

your so hardcore.
just like your mohawk..
take the quiz

you better believe it :p

I'm the BEANIE!
Which one of Benji's hair styles are you?

good charlotte sucks.

Which Piercing are you?

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12:52pm 12/05/2002
mood: blank
I haven't written in here in a long time. I'm a loser.

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03:40pm 04/05/2002

Controlled substances and altered states of consciousness are your thing. You'll try anything once, and most things twice. Society may look down on you, and you may get arrested every now and then, but this really wouldn't be a problem if they government would just get a clue and legalize everything, dammit!

Be cool! Take the What Do You Want Out Of Life? Quiz


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haha..I'm such a procrastinator   
08:18pm 29/04/2002
  yeah. I said I'd write about the rest of my trip. ah fuck it. I don't care. Nobody reads this thing anyhow.  

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Back from my trip...part 1.   
11:51am 22/04/2002
mood: hungry
Yep. Fun times. For the majority anyway.
On the way there I was all giddy and hyper. Ben (HOT PIECE OF ASS) was sitting in the row next to me on the bus (yes, we drove 16 hrs in a bus to Florida). It was so HOT in the back of the bus..but I survived. The only thing that made me sad was on the next day when Ben's girlfriend Michelle came on our bus to see him. They started making out right in front of me. God it tore me up to see that. Ben doesn't know I like him and never will. He's way out of my reach. Why do I always fall for guys with girlfriends? *sigh*
Anyway, Universal Studios = fun. Espescially Islands of Adventure. I didn't get to ride many rides because the lines were long and Lizzy won't ride anything. I did get a cute E.T. plush and a cute new Roxy bag at this surf store. On day 2 we had to get up at 5 O CLOCK IN THE FUCKING MORNING!!! And it was just to see our stupid Dance Team perform. (I hate the Dance Team. They're all sluts and they can't dance or twirl worth shit.) The American Music Fest people wouldn't even let us see them! What a waste of good hours we could have spent sleeping! (The Festival was being held at the HUGE Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando by the way.) Then a few hours later we had the marching band contest. We won! :) We won the Jazz Band contest too. We sucked in the concert band one because by that time we were all tired and hungry. (4th place) After that, we all got to eat lunch at HRC. Yum. Then we got to stay at Universal until 10:00 that night. Fun :).

I'll continue this later....

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sff d fdn fnsd fsn   
10:41pm 10/04/2002
mood: bouncy

Which AFI Song Are YOU?

haven't written. I'm a fucking slacker. I leave for Florida tomorrow. w00t. Been waiting for this a long ass time. I promise I'll write a big-ass entry on the trip when I get back. LaterZzZ.

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I don't need another friend   
04:52pm 04/04/2002
mood: hungry
Today was All-Area practice. 8AM to 2:30PM. shit I'm tired. my shoulders hurt. somebody give me a backrub. I didn't like All-Area band because the conductor was an asshole and I didn't know anyone there. I'm hungry now. I wish my mother would hurry home and bring me some food because we have nothing to eat in this damn house.

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m4551v3 l337n355   
05:31pm 01/04/2002
mood: sleepy

How L337 are you?
blah, I R tired. have been all day.

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I <3 retards   
07:21pm 31/03/2002
mood: amused
Jillion Baby520: sup
Jillion Baby520: yo
Jillion Baby520: who is this
Jillion Baby520: hallo back now
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: bin laden
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: and I am going to drive a plane through your house
Jillion Baby520: where do you live
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: afghanistan
Jillion Baby520: Yes
Jillion Baby520: thank u
Jillion Baby520: hey i live there too
Jillion Baby520: what do you know its a small world after all
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: are you in the taliban too?
Jillion Baby520: Hell yeah
Jillion Baby520: so what do you do
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: I sit in my cave and fuck camels all day
Jillion Baby520: Ahh hell Yeah i Play with my pussy and say ah ah ah and then i fuck Mnokeys
Jillion Baby520: Monkeys
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: my god
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: you're an idiot
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: please die
Jillion Baby520: O yeah u should die too
Jillion Baby520: now who is this for real
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: I am DaNn1 r0x0rZ
Jillion Baby520: Well that was dumb no tall me where are you from and whats ur name
Jillion Baby520: Please
Jillion Baby520: I think ur hott
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: :-\
Jillion Baby520: What
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: you nasty lesbian whore
Jillion Baby520: tell me please
Jillion Baby520: lol
Jillion Baby520: yeah wait
Jillion Baby520: ur a girl
Jillion Baby520: lol
Jillion Baby520: So whats my Name
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: don't know don't care
Jillion Baby520: Lol Well tell me whats ur name
Jillion Baby520: and then i will let you fuck that jlo girl
Jillion Baby520: and why are you shockin her
Jillion Baby520: Bitch boy
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: because she is a retarded whore
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: and so are you
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: please.
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: put yourself out of misery/
Jillion Baby520: So how do you know her
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: *hands you a gun*
Jillion Baby520: NOH who the hell is this and why the fuck do you want to kill me
Jillion Baby520: and i will be the fuck out of you and so will my boy and u will go to hell and die while fuckin camels
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: lame
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: *shoots you*
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: there
Jillion Baby520: U got to be crazy little Kid that dose not ahve no friends and wants to have everone die
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: basically
Jillion Baby520: How the hell are you going to go threw life when tellign me to shoot my self huh?
Jillion Baby520: and if you keep this shit up
Jillion Baby520: them i will kick the fuck out of you
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: and I will put a gun down your throat
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: how do you like that bitch?
Jillion Baby520: O bring it you mouther fucker
Jillion Baby520: How do you like it Fuckin ass
Jillion Baby520: and how the hell do you kwow where i live
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: this is going in my profile
Jillion Baby520: and i will pull my gun or knife out of my back and fuckin stib you till i see the pain in ur eyes that you had brougth to all of these ppl you talk shit too
Jillion Baby520: Now tell me who the fuck is this
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: my god, you're fucking psycho
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: I am danni
Jillion Baby520: danni who?
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: danni from west virginia
Jillion Baby520: O now ur from West Virginia
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: yup
Jillion Baby520: so you like fuckin scare the shit out of my friends sayign ur going to kill them and rap them? and now you are saying ur going to fuckin kill me and put the gun down my throat and shoot?
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!
Jillion Baby520: U know... u are soo fuckin dumb o my god!!!!
Jillion Baby520: How old are you 7
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: your grammar skills....
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: make me laugh
Jillion Baby520: God i wish someone would fuckin kill you.... u are the dumbest and guyest person i never talk too
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: guyest?
Jillion Baby520: and ur fuckin thing about killing people needs to be fix
Jillion Baby520: yes that is my word
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: and you need to shoot yourself in the head
Jillion Baby520: And u need to fuckin shoot ur self in the ass a couple of times
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: and I need to block you now.
DaNn1 r0x0rZ: SO BYEEE!

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the kitty loaf owns your ass.   
02:37pm 31/03/2002
mood: bored
The kitty loaf shall
invade Livejournal!
Long Live Kitty Loaf!

yeehaw, I'm bored. My cousins are here. Joy. I hate kids.

(let it burn)

10:36pm 30/03/2002
mood: amused
my msn name is the easter bunny rapes little children. just thought i'd share that. he always fucking scared me as a kid.

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08:44pm 30/03/2002
mood: bored

name: Danielle
gender: female
dob: 12/24/86
age: 15
location: barboursville, wv
religion: atheist
occupation: full-time loser
hobbies: listening to music.

hair: blonde
eyes: brown
height: 5'6"
weight: 137
bra size: 36 A. laugh at me all you want.
skin color: tan. I tan easily.


clothing: whatever, mostly band shirts and skate stuff.
music: punk,emo,hardcore,alternative
make up: concealer, mascara, and lipgloss can do wonders for me.
body art: none.


bought: a shitload of clothes
did: ate
ate & drank: steak, rice, green peppers, and coke
read: don't remember
watched on tv: the first 30 minutes of the next karate kid :3
talked to: amanda
present: uh, my mom bought me lots of goodies for easter. :9
day of school: thursday


kill: emily
do: ben. REOWRRRR.
slap: emily
hear from: Parker. I haven't talked to him in soooo long.
get hella wasted with: LIZZY!
tickle: uh...
look like: meh.
be like: me. copying someone's complete style sucks.
love: Ben.


food: mexican
fruit: oranges
drink: Code Red
color: blue,purple, black
album: Get Up Kids
song: "Cross out the Eyes" by Thursday
website: don't know, I go to way too many.

(let it burn)

smoked a bong killed a cat   
03:36pm 29/03/2002
mood: bitchy
I feel like fucking hurting someone today. Don't know why, I'm just mad at the world. I'm going to the mall today to get some new clothes and CDs for the trip. I should be happy.

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hot damn.   
09:21pm 27/03/2002
mood: horny
9 people!

And you'll first have sex at age 19,
in a foreign country.

The info on your 9 future sex partner(s):
0 of them will be female
9 of them will be male
And you will actually love 1 of them!
Prepare yourself for a long and fruitful relationship.

looks like I'm a slut. :/

I have to wait for more years for secks? NOO! GIMME SEX NOW BITCH!

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AOL fucking sucks   
07:37pm 26/03/2002
mood: nauseated
AIM keeps fucking up. And that's not cool. Danni is sick. I feel like I'm going to fucking puke.

Know what I would like? A nice shoulder massage. It would make meh feel better.

I gave my presentation in English today. It sucked. But I did it half-heartedly. I'm so fucking sick of school.

(let it burn)

rawr. get down on your knees and tell me you love me bitch.   
05:41pm 25/03/2002
mood: horny

Take the What Sex Position Are You? test by Ley Ley


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