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Back from my trip...part 1.

Yep. Fun times. For the majority anyway.
On the way there I was all giddy and hyper. Ben (HOT PIECE OF ASS) was sitting in the row next to me on the bus (yes, we drove 16 hrs in a bus to Florida). It was so HOT in the back of the bus..but I survived. The only thing that made me sad was on the next day when Ben's girlfriend Michelle came on our bus to see him. They started making out right in front of me. God it tore me up to see that. Ben doesn't know I like him and never will. He's way out of my reach. Why do I always fall for guys with girlfriends? *sigh*
Anyway, Universal Studios = fun. Espescially Islands of Adventure. I didn't get to ride many rides because the lines were long and Lizzy won't ride anything. I did get a cute E.T. plush and a cute new Roxy bag at this surf store. On day 2 we had to get up at 5 O CLOCK IN THE FUCKING MORNING!!! And it was just to see our stupid Dance Team perform. (I hate the Dance Team. They're all sluts and they can't dance or twirl worth shit.) The American Music Fest people wouldn't even let us see them! What a waste of good hours we could have spent sleeping! (The Festival was being held at the HUGE Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando by the way.) Then a few hours later we had the marching band contest. We won! :) We won the Jazz Band contest too. We sucked in the concert band one because by that time we were all tired and hungry. (4th place) After that, we all got to eat lunch at HRC. Yum. Then we got to stay at Universal until 10:00 that night. Fun :).

I'll continue this later....
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